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Studmasta Tipping Crush

Our Veterinary Roll-over Crush is capable of clamping an animal in an upright position. The Crush is turned on its side with the aid of a hydraulic ram. Before the Crush is turned on its side, the animal is held from any sideways movement with the aid of an adjustable squeeze side to the Crush. There are two (2) restraining belts on top of the animal and one adjustable ratchet belt to fit under the animal, behind the front legs.

When the animal is in the horizontal position, the floor of the crush opens out to give access to under the animal and feet. This unit has a Slide Door front and back. The back door is adjustable to give access to the rear of the beast when standing in an upright position.

Also the unit is fitted with a Heavy Duty Hydraulic Ram and may be operated from external hydraulic outlets on most tractors. The ram can also be operated from an electrically operated power pack.

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