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STUDMASTA Branding Irons

STUDMASTA Branding Irons

  • Here at Gympie Welding Works we are still proud to have a fully qualified traditional BLACKSMITH, with over 60 years’ experience in the making of cattle and horse brands, still manufacturing Australia’s Best Branding Irons
  • The STUDMASTA Branding Irons are made to order and can be used for FIRE BRANDING ( made from quality Stainless Steel – Both head and handle ) of Cattle and Horses
  • The STUDMASTA Branding Irons can also be used for FREEZE BRANDING ( made from pure Copper and comes with a wooden handle ) of Cattle and Horses
  • We can manufacture any 3 Piece Branding Irons and Symbol brands as per your registration certificate
  • Handle length = 750mm on the FIRE Brands and 350mm on the FREEZE Brands
  • Being made from Stainless Steel or Copper means a STUDMASTA Branding Iron will last a lifetime
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