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Studmasta Cattle Crush

Our most popular product is the Studmasta Squeeze Cattle Crush featuring:

  • Veterinarian’s cage
  • Galvanised floor

The “squeeze” Crush features 3 access doors on the nearside and 2 access doors on the offside with an adjustable height slide door behind the access doors to form a Vet’s cage. Behind this are 2 access doors, one for easy entry to the Vet’s cage and behind these 2 doors, a slide door for admitting the animal to the Crush.

All Latches on the Crush are spring loaded and automatically close when the doors are slammed. As the Bail opens downwards, it is impossible to choke the animal regardless of how much weight is put on the bottom of the bail, it can still be opened freely. The main frame is constructed of 75mm x 75mm x 3mm square tube. The frame is welded to a 100mm x 12mm FMS base and provision is made for 8 holding down bolts.

All gates on the Crush are made from 50mm x 50mm x 3mm square tube and sheeted with 1.6mm galvanised sheeting. The “Squeeze” Crush can be fabricated with the opening handle on the left or right side and this is confirmed when ordering.

We also manufacture a Standard Crush (which is identical to the “Squeeze” Crush except that the side opposite to the working side does not squeeze), and a Head Bail which may be purchased separately from the Crush. The Head Bail has a Quick Adjustment Attachment for variation in cattle neck width.

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